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About A-Sha Foods USA

Forty years of ramen tradition

Our ramen noodles originate from a small noodle factory in Tainan, Taiwan with a 100-year-old family recipe.


Different from traditional fried ramen noodles, A-Sha Foods USA uses a secret air-drying process, which takes 18+ hours! Combine that with top quality ingredients and methods, and you get the best ramen noodles in the world.


Our delicious noodles are highly sought after locally, growing in popularity each year.


We begin distributing these delicious noodles throughout Taiwan, while maintaining roots in the city of Tainan.


“A-Sha Noodle” is born. Our noodle factory formally changes its name to A-Sha Noodle.


We continue to develop healthy, quick-cooking noodles to satisfy different customer needs.


As the internet boomed, so did A-Sha Taiwan. We broke internet sales records and became the best seller of 2008 in Taiwan.


Breeze Group of Taiwan assumes operational control and majority ownership of A-Sha Enterprises.


A-Sha Foods USA products land in the USA at a small supermarket chain on the West Coast.


We officially debut A-Sha Foods USA products at the 626 Night Market in Los Angeles.


Our ramen becomes the #1 Ramen Noodle of Taiwan, and lands in the Top 10 Noodles of the World, the only Taiwanese ramen to do so.

A-Sha Foods USA is founded, establishing our USA headquarters.

A-Sha Foods USA rebrands itself to take on global markets.


A-Sha Foods USA products receive SQF (Safe Quality Food) Certification, one of the most stringent food safety certifications around the world.


A-Sha Foods USA continues to grow at a rapid pace. Our products can be found in all 50 states, throughout Canada and online.

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