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Hakka Noodle- original flavor 客家板條乾麵(原味-奶素)

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Original Flavor is just what it says... the original flavor!



A true Taiwanese traditional flavor. Simple, yet satisfying ingredients like sesame oil and soy sauce make up this original flavor. The noodle base is a flat wide noodle, that goes down easy with a light texture. (vegetarian)

NOTE: Because A-Sha Dry Noodle is free of MSG and preservatives, and not fried, similar to handmade noodles, it does require boiling. Please refer to instructions on packaging for recommended time of cooking.

只要一口,即能感受清甜而不死鹹的風味,而後更有淡淡麻有清香充斥口中,這就是阿舍簡單的極致美味。板條1.0cm 寬度的麵體。


建議烹煮時間:約5分鐘 (非泡麵,需煮熟後食用)
  • 將水倒入鍋內先行煮沸
  • 將麵身放入以煮沸之開水中
  • 以各麵體建議之烹煮時間烹煮,也可視個人喜好與口感需求斟酌調整(可自行加入青菜等食材增添風味)
  • 將以煮熟之麵身倒入碗中,再拌入調味包
  • 趕快享用香味四溢,美味可口的阿舍乾麵

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