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Summer Special Snacks Combo Box

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Pack Size - 1 box

Summer time special snacks box

  • 1 box of 13g original seaweed snacks
  • 1 bag of green tea jelly candy
  • 1 bag of chocoloate ball
  • 3 boxes of ice cone snacks, 1 box of each flavor, 3 flavors: banana, strawberry, chocolate
  • 3 bags of konjac jelly, 1 bag of each flavor, 3 flavors: apple, grape, tropical fruit

The Pororo Konjac Jelly is a super yummy jelly drink! It comes in a very convenient pouch with a simple, easy-to-open top. This jelly is perfect for kids who are craving something sweet! The delicious, fruity apple flavor is a must-try.

Crispy puffed black rice, toasted almonds, toasted sesame seeds filled between two layers of roasted seaweed glazed in maltose. A healthy seaweed snack that tastes delicious, is rich in nutrients, has no preservatives and completed baked with no oil.

This tasty green tea jelly candy is a perfect option for a not-too-sweet snack! It’s a great alternative to super sugary candy, with a delicious taste of green tea. These tasty candies are a delightful combination of a green tea flavor with a chewy, jelly candy. A perfect, balanced candy to satisfy your sugar cravings!

The Spoonz Ice Cone Snack is a crispy, tasty cone snack that is available in three delicious flavors: banana, strawberry, and chocolate. Its sweet, yummy chocolate flavor comes perfectly wrapped in a crispy cone. This cone is completely filled from top to bottom with the filling.

The Sunny Ball Snack is a crispy, tasty snack. Its sweet, yummy chocolate flavor comes perfectly wrapped in a crispy baked shell. It makes for a fun snack to have when you’re looking for something sweet to satisfy your cravings, or when you need something quick on the go!

Summer Special Snacks Combo Box
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