This Noodle idea was inspired by the vibrant night market culture of Taiwan. Night market is a part of life and society and something that most people grow up experiencing.

One of the staples of the night market is the Black Pepper Steak which is often accompanied by noodles and a fried egg. This flavor will bring back memories of the night market and the fragrant flavors and tastes of the night market. A-Sha Noodles hopes to bring some of that memory and experience to our customers.

Step 1: Ingredients - Fried Egg

Step 2: Simply cook the Mandarin No.10 Black Pepper flavor noodle and place onto a plate once noodle is cooked. Note: The noodles will be easier to mix while the noodles are warm



Step 3: Mix the cold noodle with the provided sauce packet as stated on the packaging.  Add toppings and ingredients that you have prepared and serve within minutes of preparation.  This dish is served warm, and you can consider serving it alongside a nice juicy steak for the ultimate Taiwanese night market experience