I Scream, You Scream, We all scream for some ICE CREAM NOODLES!

Party Food Ice Cream Cone Noodle


Party Food: Ice Cream Cone Noodle

*Ingredients: A-Sha Light Natural Color Noodle – Tomato, Ice cream Cone, Ground Beef (change the meat as you wish), Diced Broccoli, Diced Tomato, Diced Celery

Steps :

  1. Cook Ground Beef  and Diced Vegetables with Olive Oil
  2. Put the noodle into boiling water for 4 minutes and drain
  3. Put cooked ground beef, diced vegetables and noodle together and stir
  4. Put appropriate amount into the ice cones



*主要食材 : 阿舍淺色自然系乾麵-番茄麵

*配料 : 甜筒. 牛絞肉(可依個人喜好更改其他肉類). 綠花椰菜切丁. 番茄切丁. 西洋芹切丁.

*作法 :

  1. 牛絞肉+蔬菜丁~以少許橄欖油於鍋中炒熟備用
  2. 滾水煮番茄麵~4分鐘後瀝水起鍋
  3. 炒熟備料及阿舍番茄醬包(酌量)拌入番茄麵
  4. 將拌勻的麵放入甜筒中即完成